Patong Beach Bed and Breakfast, Phuket

Patong Beach
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September 10, 2016
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Patong Beach Bed and Breakfast, Phuket

Patong Beach Bed and Breakfast

Patong Beach Bed and Breakfast, Phuket

The first place I stayed at when I arrived in Phuket, Thailand.

On doing research before I landed in Phuket, I knew that I was going to stay at Patong beach. Not knowing much about the area, I went to and searched for places to stay in Patong Beach and there is so much accommodation available and it all depends on your budget and room specifications that you are looking for.

I had set a budget of up to $20 a night as it was just me travelling and I know that a room is really for you to lay your head down and rest. I was surely surprised with the accommodation in Phuket but also travelling through Thailand. I had booked a double room and it cost me $58 for 3 nights.

Arriving at Patong Beach Bed and Breakfast

I was met by the receptionist who did not speak my english but with some simple pointing at my booking reference on my phone, I was checked in and taken up to my room very quickly which was great.

The room was an ok size with a massive bed which was fairly comfortable. I was happy with my first choice of accommodation in Thailand.

Benefits of Staying at Patong Beach Bed and Breakfast

The location of this property was epic. The beach was literally over the road and getting to Bangla Road took 2 mins walking and you will really appreciate this when you are drunk and need to get home after a heavy night on the town. For ease of access I would highly recommend this place to stay in Patong Beach.

Another great benefit of this accommodation in Patong Beach is the amount of restaurants that are within 3-5 mins walk. You will find restaurants that will offer all types of food and you will find yourself visiting them often during your stay here.

My Recommendation

Yes I would say look at the Patong Beach Bed and Breakfast when visiting Phuket but do also see what else is available. I went over easter so I know a lot of the accommodation had been booked up prior to me looking and booking but for the money I was paying I was very satisfied.

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